The Explore Zones

Step Four of Explore Together is where you choose how you want to listen to God. You can choose one or more…

Explore Together zones

Colour-zone Colour Zone – learn by seeing

  • Pictures and images depicting the Bible passage
  • Paint, crayons, chalk, large paper, coloured paper
  • Flags, ribbons

Listening-zoneListening Zone – learn by hearing

Provision to hear the Bible passage and questions
again and listen to music.

Chat-zoneChat Zone – learn by thinking aloud

This zone requires a host and comfortable seating.

Word-zoneWord Zone – learn by reading

  • Pens, paper, pencils, rulers
  • Story books, Bibles

Busy-zoneBusy Zone – learn by doing

  • Clay, play dough, Lego, pipe cleaners
  • Weaving, braiding
  • Construction, junk modelling

Quiet-zoneQuiet Zone – learn by reflecting

A quiet area, Holy space, to simply be with your thoughts
and God.

You can purchase both the Explore Together Journey and Resource books via the Scripture Union shop.


  1. Ann Burgess says:

    I have recently read Explore Together The Journey, and I am looking at the Resource Book. We are planning workshop services across the summer, and I am interested in discovering the downloadable resources referred to repeatedly in the 12 sessions planned in the notes provided. I googled and have my access code ready, but I can’t find anywhere to type it in! Are these resources available yet??
    Many thanks,
    Ann Burgess

    • Caleb @ Scripture Union says:

      Hi Ann – the resources have been available, but we had some issues with our forms making them a little tricky to access, but it should all be working smoothly now.

      Please register using the access code as your invitation code, and once signed in, visit again to view and download them.

      Best wishes,
      Caleb Woodbridge
      Digital Content Manager – Scripture Union

  2. says:

    I’d love to have some slides or logos to use on PowerPoint for our explore together service next Sunday! Is there anything available please? Already bought resource.
    Thanks Sharon Blyth

  3. james kynaston says:

    I have just purchased Explore together resource book but using the access code in the book page 32 on trying to register I am told that it is the wrong code.

  4. says:

    Hello! I have purchased Explore Together, managed to register and even log in but I still can’t find the resources to download. All I can get to is my profile page and the WordPress site which I assume is behind the actual user facing site. Please advise as it is so frustrating! Thanks Sammy

  5. Can you explain how the word and listening zones are different?

    • Neil Jackson says:

      Hi Cath,

      Apologies if no-one has got back to you about your enquiry (or perhaps they have contacted you directly?). Anyway, the word zone is about having written text for people to look at – whether that be bibles (of various translations), commentaries, children’s bibles, prayers, questions, or anything else like that – together with maybe pens, highlighers, paper, etc.
      The listening zone on the other hand is lots of stuff in audio format – maybe audio downloads from WordLive or Audio Bibles or Worship CDs or talks or maybe just an actual person reading the bible passage in different versions and talking about it and praying and reiterating the questions, etc.

      Hope that is helpful! 🙂

  6. Hi, I’m using Explore Together for the first time in our Church and have managed to start preparing a Powerpoint to explain the difference zones. I’ve downloaded the Powerpoint slide for the Questions (Blue Resources = Lessons in Prayer) and wanted to paste this into my Powerpoint. Unfortunately, it only copies the words and not the lovely Explore Together border. Help!!!

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