Children and the Word Zone

At a recent event using the Explore Together technique, Freya a young 9 year old girl, went to the Word Zone. There she engaged with the Bible passage and responded to God.

girl writing

Explore Together allows feedback from those involved. So when the time in the Word Zone was over, the community was able to see what Freya (and everyone else) had done. Freya had written her own prayer, or Psalm, prompted by her time with the Bible. As you can see, Explore Together, allowed God to make an important impact on Freya’s life.

Freya’s Psalm

With a foundation of faith I will stay strong
With your love I shall never fail
If I stay by your side I shall always be safe
If I walk with you your love is an anchor
to save me from my sin
From a world of darkness you shine so brightly
From the heavens you gleam
I turn my back, you love me still
I crouch from sorrow, you hold me close
From the shadow of sin, you welcome me in

Freya (Aged 9)