All-age and all happy?

When Charlotte asked for some Explore Together booklets, her church began a journey into an unknown exploration of all-age worship.

  • How would the church respond?
  • Would they be able to worship and hear from God?
  • What about the huge age difference?

The questions were answered quickly the next time the church had an all-age service. Let’s see what Charlotte had to say…

 Thank you for the Explore Together Booklets.  We had a very good All-age service yesterday exploring together Exodus 3 – Moses and the Burning Bush.  All-ages from 2 to nearly 90 were involved and there was a lovely feeling of calm and purpose in the room.  Many people felt God saying things to them and several were going away to explore the passage further on their own.  I was wowed at the thoughts and ideas being expressed in the Chat Zone and the respect given by the groups to each other, whatever their ages. – Charlotte

And now from Peter, a member of the Leadership Team…

The zones are a great way of breaking things up in a creative way. The feedback was outstanding.

It’s great to have all age meetings which neither patronise the children nor dumb down the adults. I think we’ve achieved something remarkable, with God’s help of course. – Peter

If you’d like to like to know how Explore Together can be used by your church community, then browse through the pages that are linked at the top. You can also contact Lianne using the details on the about page.