Let the little children come to me

Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:14 are brought vividly to light in a typical Explore Together session. And just as Jesus used the children to teach his disciples a lesson, Explore Together allows inter-generational learning.

All ages learn together

Each zone, apart from the Holy Space, allows the participants to see and share with others people’s response. And because the community comes back together after the ‘zones’ even the reflectors are given the option to share what God has been saying to them.

When a child paints a picture of Jesus in response to the question ‘how can I be a good gift?’ the rest of the community are involved in that response.

How much time do we, or are we able to give to listening to children usually? Explore Together gives children a voice… isn’t that was Jesus did? (Lee)

The various zones in Explore together encourage genuine listening, it gives the marginalized a voice. Those in our communities who don’t normally have a voice are engaged in sharing what God is saying to them.

A discussion in the chat zone, about different kinds of bravery, lead to a realization that the courage to tell others about our faith comes from God. (Lee)

Explore Together lets everyone have a voice, and lets everyone learn together. The faith of the whole community is engaged as it meets with God and each other.