Explore Together is an evangelistic tool

Explore Together was used at a recent service and enabled the church to engage with the Bible in a fresh way. Those who took part felt it was a way where they were most open to God’s specific revelation through the Bible.

Explore and ask questions

One of the leaders in the chat zone had amongst their group a man who shared that he was exploring the Christian faith. The group read through the Bible passage and then shared with each other how it had impacted them. The man was intrigued by some of the comments that had already been raised in the discussion and had some of his own questions that the group answered as best they could.

I really felt that God was meeting this guy where he was at and was involving us in the process! It struck me that the opportunities to ask questions like he did are few and far between in a ‘usual’ church service. He was fairly new to the church and wasn’t part of a small group (the normal setting for this type of Bible exploration) and I don’t think he would have felt comfortable going up to a stranger in the church to ask his questions. (Martin)

Since this meeting the man has become deeply interested in following Jesus. Explore together demonstrates how easy it is for the Holy Spirit to reach people in life-changing ways.

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