What is your role in supporting children and those among your community with special needs to Explore?

To explore with them

We need to show that we never stop asking questions, that we never stop trying to find answers to questions. You need to show the same engagement and interest that you would like them to show!

To support and encourage exploration

  • Ensure you are half exploring, half supporting.
  • Ensure that the child or adult you are supporting is participating in an activity.
  • Take the initiative to help them find what they are looking for; keep the room safe and tidy.
  • Remind them consistently of the question for exploring.
  • Ask them what they are doing and how it is helping them to find the answer to the Explore question.
  • Never tell them that they are wrong, but feel free to ask more questions to help them think more deeply and to gently challenge their thinking.
  • Pray for them, asking God to speak to them clearly.
  • Share with them what you are discovering and how you discovered it.

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