Imagine for a moment a large bowl filled with jelly beans. The bowl is passed around and you are invited to take a handful. What is the next thing you do with the colourful sweets in your hand?

Are you someone who immediately starts to sort them into colour groups? Is there a specific order that you like to eat them in, a flavour that you just don’t like? You may be a flavour mixer! Or do you just open your mouth and throw them right in there without any thought or reason?

It may be that you just don’t like jelly beans and would decline the initial invitation to help yourself; perhaps you’re not in the mood for jelly beans at that particular time and would have preferred the option of chocolate. You can discover a lot about a person by the way they eat or don’t eat their jelly beans.

Diversity of faith development

This observation highlights the way in which our responses to one situation differ according to our taste and preference. Within our faith communities there is a rich diversity of God’s people all at different stages in their faith development and spiritual experience.

We are a beautiful collection of artists, scholars, reflectors, dancers, data collectors, fact finders, readers, sculptors, writers, musicians, actors, talkers and listeners. Whatever our age, ability or experience we will engage more meaningfully in an activity if it releases our natural preferences.

Exploring the Bible together

Explore Together places the Bible at the centre of this diversity and releases the community to explore the message and hear God’s voice in a way that embraces their natural preferences. It encourages the community to come together to share their thoughts, questions and revelations with each other. The elderly with the young, the new believer with the mature traveller, the learned scholar with the inquisitive toddler.

Explore Together can be used in any environment with any group dynamic. As you read this website may you be inspired to Explore Together in your community.

Running Explore Together

Before you begin to plan an Explore Together session you will need to take into consideration the dynamics of the group you will be working with and the space you have to work in.

  • Are there any members of the group that will need support or guidance?
  • Will parents with very young children need to be encouraged to help their little ones to explore?
  • Will you organise a small team to offer that support?

You can purchase both the Explore Together Journey and Resource books via the Scripture Union shop.


  1. As an educationist (retired primary headteacher) who has always been fascinated, enthralled and excited by the whole learning process, this reflects what I believe to be the very best sort of learning – in that it is led by the learner, but with the “teacher” close behind and ready to support, extend, challenge, take the lead when appropriate – and also to learn.

  2. This looks great. We were introduced to it today by John Settatree at a Conference called ‘A Church for Everyone’ here in North Wales. Resources are winging their way to us now, so we’ll be using it soon!

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