A new approach to exploring the Bible raises lots of questions. Here are some common questions and answers:

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Why is Explore Together a key part of Scripture Union’s mission?

What’s it like to run Explore Together in church?

Does Explore Together negate the need for age specific ministry?

No, but we do need to be careful that we only do separately those things that can’t be done together. Explore Together recognises that even within an age specific community there is much diversity. It is a tool which enables everyone within that community to engage in a meaningful way.

We are a very traditional church community, how could Explore Together work within our traditions?

Explore Together embraces tradition but also pushes the boundaries that can be imposed by those traditions. It can fit neatly into the traditional order of things and can also be the catalyst which takes the community on an additional adventure.

Isn’t Explore Together a bit chaotic, especially with children present?

It is chaotic in the sense that everyone is engaging in different ways but not because the children are present. Because the Explore Zones are designed to embrace all learning preferences children very quickly find their own preferred activity and become occupied. It is colourful, appealing and they have the freedom to move around in a safe and loving environment, making their own choices.

Does Explore Together need a lot of space? We have fixed pews in our church building which often restricts what we can do?

Not necessarily, it doesn’t all have to happen in one room, it can spread out into other areas. Your choice of activities can also be tailored to the amount of space you have, and you can be very creative around using the ‘four’ corners of the hall with the pews.

Is Explore Together too open and “woolly”?

Where can I buy resources to run Explore Together?

You can purchase both the Explore Together Journey and Resource books via the Scripture Union shop.


  1. Kathy Clegg says:

    1. What does anyone call their “Explore Together” services? Any bright ideas?
    2. Does anyone publish any suggested service outlines using these ideas? If not, how about a place on this website to share any that people have tried successfully, to help others get started?

    • Hi Kathy, Thank you for your comments. Exciting things are happening with more and more people using Explore Together in their communities. Stories are coming in and we have plans to share those stories by developing the website. These developments will include a forum for sharing ideas and reflections so watch this space!! In the meantime if you want to send us a message about how Explore Together is working for you and where you are doing it that would be great.

  2. Kathy, thats music to my ears! I’ve just took over running the pre-school group at our church on a Sunday and I’d love a place to be able to share my ideas as well as pick up new ones. It would be great if we could up-load and download plans, templates etc.

  3. trinitypastor says:

    Hi, I have inputted my access code but will not recognise it, and ideas? Thanks John

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