All Age Bible Exploration

It’s difficult to find a way to really engage all ages during a meeting. It’s even harder to help them all meet God through exploring the Bible and prayer. However, Explore Together enables all age Bible exploration. When Charlotte’s church used the Explore Together method, she, and they, were very happy with the outcome.

We had a very good All-age service yesterday exploring together Exodus 3 – Moses and the Burning Bush.  All-ages from 2 to nearly 90 were involved and there was a lovely feeling of calm and purpose in the room.

Explore Together is not just a time for meeting with God during the set times. As the group found out, the exploration of the Bible passage through varied learning approaches, would continue beyond the set times.

Many people felt God saying things to them and several were going away to explore the passage further on their own.

With feedback built into the very heart of Explore Together, the spiritual growth and development of the group can be monitored. This often comes with surprising results.

I was wowed at the thoughts and ideas being expressed in the Chat Zone and the respect given by the groups to each other, whatever their ages.

Explore Together can help your church, or group, meet with God whatever age and learning style they find most helpful. As Charlotte found out, many of those involved heard God, and then wanted to hear more. Try Explore Together and let all ages meet with God.

Explore together and grow

Explore and ask questions

Stanmore Baptist Church looked into using the Explore Together framework earlier this year. Since the start of the summer they have been using Explore Together every week with their children.

Joel Botham, Children’s Worker at the church wanted to share how things were going.

it is working AMAZINGLY well, I just can’t believe the stuff they are coming out with

Not only are the children engaging with the sessions, but they are also showing signs of spiritual growth, through the questions they now have and the discussions that the leaders are having with them.

If you’d like to know more about Explore Together then start here.

Children and the Word Zone

At a recent event using the Explore Together technique, Freya a young 9 year old girl, went to the Word Zone. There she engaged with the Bible passage and responded to God.

girl writing

Explore Together allows feedback from those involved. So when the time in the Word Zone was over, the community was able to see what Freya (and everyone else) had done. Freya had written her own prayer, or Psalm, prompted by her time with the Bible. As you can see, Explore Together, allowed God to make an important impact on Freya’s life.

Freya’s Psalm

With a foundation of faith I will stay strong
With your love I shall never fail
If I stay by your side I shall always be safe
If I walk with you your love is an anchor
to save me from my sin
From a world of darkness you shine so brightly
From the heavens you gleam
I turn my back, you love me still
I crouch from sorrow, you hold me close
From the shadow of sin, you welcome me in

Freya (Aged 9)

Explore Together is an evangelistic tool

Explore Together was used at a recent service and enabled the church to engage with the Bible in a fresh way. Those who took part felt it was a way where they were most open to God’s specific revelation through the Bible.

Explore and ask questions

One of the leaders in the chat zone had amongst their group a man who shared that he was exploring the Christian faith. The group read through the Bible passage and then shared with each other how it had impacted them. The man was intrigued by some of the comments that had already been raised in the discussion and had some of his own questions that the group answered as best they could.

I really felt that God was meeting this guy where he was at and was involving us in the process! It struck me that the opportunities to ask questions like he did are few and far between in a ‘usual’ church service. He was fairly new to the church and wasn’t part of a small group (the normal setting for this type of Bible exploration) and I don’t think he would have felt comfortable going up to a stranger in the church to ask his questions. (Martin)

Since this meeting the man has become deeply interested in following Jesus. Explore together demonstrates how easy it is for the Holy Spirit to reach people in life-changing ways.

To find out more about Explore Together start here.