Explore Together is an initiative by Scripture Union, which has been developed Lianne Semans Smith and Lee Herdman. Read on to discover a little more about Lianne and Lee, what excites them about the Bible and why they want others to be excited too.

Lianne Semans Smith

Development Worker (Church & Community) based in the South East

Lianne SmithScripture Union has been part of my life in one form or another since I was very young. My earliest memories of reading the Bible are with my mum at bedtime using the ‘Simon and Sarah’ books which were published by Scripture Union in the early 70s. I believe passionately in the value and necessity of sharing the Word of God within the family. I have experienced many precious moments exploring the treasures within the Word with my own children Phoebe and Jacob.

My involvement in ministry among children and families began in 1983. Everything I have experienced in my journey so far has helped develop a deep passion for the nurture and discipleship of children within a faith community, equipping them for a lifetime of service to God. Through this journey I have experienced many models of effective evangelism and outreach, numerous trials and countless reasons to praise God and celebrate. I value the opportunities I have to work alongside other Scripture Union staff, associates and volunteers in the continual development and exploration of culturally relevant ways to make Jesus known to the many children, young people and families who have not yet heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

Lee Herdman

Assistant Headteacher of a primary school in Greater London and attends St. John’s, a church plant in Hampton Wick.

leeHOver the last 12 years I have been working as a class teacher and senior leader in Primary Schools. I have been very involved in early years teaching and have worked as a Lead Teacher of Inclusion, for the local authority.

I first came to church having been invited to attend a Salvation Army Sunday School.  I went along with some friends and was loved and nurtured, making my own decision to follow Jesus as a 7 year old.

My involvement in ministry to children began when I was invited to teach a Sunday School class as a teenager. Since then I have had the privilege of leading church children’s programmes and was employed as a Divisional Children’s Officer for the Salvation Army. I have worked on numerous playschemes, run summer residential camps, written the teaching for X:Site Spring Harvest, lead holiday clubs, established numerous mid-week children’s programmes and worked to train and support children’s and youth workers. The greatest privilege of my life is sharing the good news of Jesus with children and young people.


  1. Charlotte says:

    Sounds fantastic! Where can I get copies of the leaflet describing it. I was given one at a Sticky Faith evening recently but would like have enough to hand out to the leadership team and when I am persuading different folk to organise a Zone.

  2. Peter Thomas says:

    I have purchased explore resources, book and resource book and cannot access the download resources in spite of having a code from the book. I need an invitation ?

  3. Tina Nicholson says:

    I have purchased the books and cannot access the recourses with the code in the book. Can you please contact me with a new code or way to access the material
    thank you

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